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The scientific name of Pavement Ants is Tetramorium. Pavement ants have appendages that are lighter than the other body and they are almost in light brown color to black with parallel lines on their head and thorax. Their length is 2.5 to 3 mm and they have 12-segmented antennae including three-segmented clubs. Exopest can help you with Pavement Ants Control and their identification. 

Diet & Habits

Nests of pavement ants are usually under stones, cracks, walls, and underfloor pavements. They invade buildings while foraging for food. Pavement ants invade buildings while foraging for food. Pavement ants will eat a wide variety of foods, like:

  • Meats
  • Grease
  • Live and dead insects,
  • Seeds and honeydew from aphids.

Pavement Ants can become a nuisance if not controlled on time and with the right preventive measures.


When winged males and females swarm, their reproduction occurs. This is done in June and July. After mating, the females search out a new nesting site and become the queen for a new colony.

Do Pavement Ants Bite?

Pavement ants are not aggressive and don’t bite, although they have the ability to sting. They are docile.

Methods for Pavement Ants Control & Prevention

Below are some key points that should be observed for Pavement Ants Control.

  • Practice good sanitation.
  • Limit food and consumption to one or two areas of the home that are cleaned daily.
  • Eliminate and sealed the gaps and cracks in the baseboards, foundations, window frames, and door frames with appropriate material or caulk to eliminate
  • Remove the materials such as piled lumber, bricks, stones, leaf litter, mulch, and other debris.
  • Trim and cut the branches of trees and shrubs and other plants or vegetation that may ant serve as highways.

Treatment of Pavement Ant Infestation:

There is various way available to control Pavement ants but we recommend a bait treatment as the best control strategy that we learned from our extensive experience, although this can be very challenging in getting ants to accept the bait product applied. We use special professional-grade bait that only a certified professional can use. Baiting offers the ability for the worker ants to carry the product back to the nesting sites.

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Note: All products we use are approved by the Government of Canada.

Want to Get Rid of Pavement Ants?

To treat and get rid of pavement ant infestation properly, Contact Exopest immediately. For Pavement Ants Control, Our team and our highly qualified professionals will first inspect your property thoroughly inside and outside for mounds or other possible nesting sites. After the inspection, Exopest will provide you with an Evaluation and Quote.

Pavements ants don’t do any damage to the structure of the house but if you don’t treat them properly then the problem gets worst and you will see them coming out from everywhere inside the house even during the wintertime. usually, all the ants hibernate during winter time but poorly treated ants problem cause more damage and waste of money.

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