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Pest Control In Surrey 

Learn what to do and who to contact for Pest Control in Surrey when you encounter a pest problem or wildlife in the area.

Pest Control in Surrey may be required if you see a pest on your property or if you are experiencing wildlife problems on your property. You should know who to call when you see a pest and when to call. Call the city helpline if you see any pest problems on city property.

Call the coastal health number in Surrey for pest control if you see rodents near a food store or restaurant.

Common Pest Problems In Surrey 

Due to Surrey’s rapid growth, we often get complaints about rodent problems such as rat or mouse infestations. The presence of a rat or mouse on your property should prompt you to contact a Pest Control Surrey Company for rodent control. These animals carry a lot of diseases, so if you see one at your property, take immediate action and call a certified company.

Having rodents on your property can be difficult to detect because there are few signs:

  • Droppings,
  • Tracks (Footprints),
  • Runs or Burrows,
  • Sounds,

During the summer and spring, we do see ants inside houses and buildings, mostly regular house ants, or pavement ants, but sometimes carpenter ants. You should always call an Ants Exterminator Surrey or Pest Control Surrey company near you instead of dealing with the problem yourself. Carpenter ants are harmful to the structure, and if not dealt with properly, they will cause more damage.

There are few signs of you have Ants:

  • You see An Ants,
  • Sawdust,
  • Continues Sounds,

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