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Cockroach Control is a headache for many of us.

Cockroaches are the most disliked of all household insect pests. They are both annoying and a potential health threat. They may spread human disease by contaminating food, utensils, and countertops with disease organisms carried on their feet and bodies or regurgitated with small quantities of partially digested food. Although associated with filth and unsanitary conditions, cockroaches can be found in the best-kept homes.

Adults live an average of 20 weeks. The German cockroach has the shortest life cycle of house-infesting roaches (from egg to egg in three to six weeks). Egg capsules remain attached to the female until the eggs start to hatch. The female produces seven egg capsules. Each capsule can contain up to 48 eggs, more eggs per case than other species. Thus, one female can generate up to 35,000 offspring per year. This explains why large numbers of cockroaches sometimes seem to appear overnight. German cockroaches prefer kitchen and bathroom areas but will disperse to other rooms as their numbers increase.

Although cockroaches carry disease organisms, they are not known to transmit disease to humans. They do contaminate food and kitchen utensils with excrement and salivary secretions, leaving an unpleasant odor. Roaches move rapidly, disappearing quickly when discovered. They may be found wherever food, warmth, poor light, and undisturbed hiding places are available. Empty beer, soft drink, or juice bottles and cans are very attractive to roaches

History can teach us about Cockroach Control.

Do You know termites are evolved from cockroaches? Yes, it is right, according to this daily mail article, termites and cockroaches have a common ancestry. New research has shown that termites are evolved from cockroaches around 170 million years ago. Biologists have used genetic analysis of about 48 termite kinds from around the world to conclude the opinion that termites share the same origin as cockroaches. This research paved the way to modern termite control and cockroach control methodologies.

We use these modern, natural, and non-toxic Cockroach Pest Control methods in a professional way here at Exopest Pest Control.

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